Cowboy Fast Draw

Guns ‘n’ Horses… “A Perfect Montana Day!”


After your ride in the rugged Montana mountains, why not complete the experience by shooting a real 45 caliber revolver in our Cowboy Fast Draw range! Only $25 to shoot or $10 with ride package! Available for after the Morning or Afternoon rides!

Ever wonder how fast you would have been shooting in a gunfight in the old west?  Do you think you would be standing after shooting against Billy the Kid?? The Sport of Cowboy Fast Draw is a timed sport using western style six guns and holsters based on, “The Romance & Legend of the Old West”.  Rest assured, we will not be using live ammunition.

You’ll be shooting at electronic targets twenty one feet away in our outdoor venue that will measure your speed, two people at a time, competing against each other, five shots to a round. It’s harder than you might think but you should be able to draw, pull the trigger and shoot the target in less than one second. At least, that should be your goal!!  It’s great fun for the whole family, from 8 years of age to 108.

  • Our motto: Safety First, Fun Second, Competition Third.
  • Our package, Ride with Cowboy Fast Draw, is available 2 times per day except on Sunday.
  • Or you can shoot without the ride, no problem.