The Diamond P Gift Shop

Come See Our wonderland of Western Wear & Horse-themed Gifts in the Diamond P Gift shop!


We have an amazing selection of western purses, wallets, stuffed animals (horses of course!) and jewelry that’s just not a souvenir, but you will wear many, many times, for years to come. We have found some of the most fantastic cowboy and cowgirl hats in kids, youth, and adult sizes.

Before you buy your cowboy/cowgirl boots and hats for your ride, please come check out what we have in our Diamond P Gift Shop.


Because we’re closed during the winter months our buyers can scour buyer markets in several states for the most jaw-dropping styles of boots, hats, jewelry, purses, belts, and much more. We have adult and children’s sizes as well. Our prices are better because we don’t have to pay for high priced retail space, as our gift shop is in our old office space inside the barn.


We still have a limited supply of what we call, “Better than New” boots, (previously worn), however our supply is running dry, so come check out the “new stuff”. Please drop in 7 days a week during our summer season and check out our selection before you buy anywhere else, it’s spectacular!  You won’t regret it!

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