Where is the Diamond P Ranch located?

We are 7 miles west of the west gate of Yellowstone National Park in West Yellowstone Montana, on Highway 20, 6 miles northeast of Island Park, Idaho on Highway 20. Our closest neighbor to the east is the KOA of West Yellowstone. Check out our cool interactive map on our home page!

Weather Alert!!!

The weather in West Yellowstone is quite amazing. In the spring (April to end of June) we can get snow, rain, hail, wind and beautiful sunny days….it’s anyone’s guess what the day will bring. We watch our weather apps closely so we know if we load a rain jacket on your saddle or not. We don’t mind a rain shower on the ride, but we do not like thunder and lightning, so the weather apps are priceless. During the summer months we may have a day with rain, but it’s not likely to spoil a ride as it’s usually a summer shower then the sun comes back out and it is wonderful because it keeps the dust down. When planning your trip to West Yellowstone during May through September you should pack for warm weather and cold weather.